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The night this attack happened a crime of jealous rage was underpinned by his obsessiveness of her, his unwillingness to let her go, his wounded vanity.
3,7,11,19) To our knowledge, however, levetiracetam has not been reported to have an association with symptoms of obsessiveness or stereotypy.
Perhaps this obsessiveness got the better of her when she gave up drawing for painting in 1983.
Single-mindedness is a kind of obsessiveness that most men can identify with; a desire to understand the details of something, whether it's a car engine or a computer gadget.
It's as if Brown knows her readers and wants to apologize for her character's obsessiveness, as if Brown admits that the unnamed narrator is out of her control.
The stamina and patience this kind of obsessiveness requires are traits that probably contributed to his success as a handpress primer.
There is something of AP's obsessiveness about him which is OK but carries with it the risks that made Richard Dunwoody such a wracked soul - the failure to understand that, while being a jump jockey was the most important thing in the world, it wasn't the ONLY thing in the world.
One reason so much overlap exists between anorexia and MDD is that starvation produces a host of psychiatric conditions in the body, such as mood lability, irritability, anxiety, apathy, obsessiveness, poor concentration, social withdrawal, and decreased libido.
Tuttle says that she first met Wolfe at a party hosted by Jelliffe, and she discusses his size (overestimating it), his shyness, his stuttering (which she considered to be "part of his charm"), his obsessiveness about writing, and his excessive eating and drinking.
Szasz's debating partners include psychiatrists, psychologists, bioethicists, and legal scholars, most of whom seem to have reservations about psychiatry's tendency to treat every facet of human behavior--happiness and sadness, energy and lethargy, neatness and sloppiness, shyness and boldness, inattentiveness and obsessiveness, thievery and honesty, promiscuity and celibacy, thinness and fatness--as a symptom of mental illness.
I find the obsessiveness Pipe has displayed in abundance over the last couple of weeks distasteful, to say the least.
The regime has so far maintained its governing system with total isolation unprecedented in world history, in part by cunningly and ruthlessly indoctrinating its people Cumings vividly captures the doctrine of juche or self-reliance whose insane obsessiveness breeds the pathological isolationism we see.