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Although Canada's defence policy has been fairly consistent over the years, it provides little direction as to how far the military can be allowed to shrink and obsolesce before policy goals become unattainable.
The findings of large gross returns, however, are also quite consistent with the neoclassical model--computers must have high marginal products because they obsolesce and lose value so rapidly.
The skills and competences that characterize resilient functioning at one point in time may obsolesce in the face of new developmental challenges or new contingencies in the environment.
One of the concerns of computer users is that today's technology will quickly obsolesce.
Factors like the call for transforming today's military into a full network-centric force, army digitalization as well as the increased rates of software obsolesce have altogether fuelled the demand for military IT, data and computing systems from pole to pole.
With over 25 years of experience in aerospace and technology industries including a diverse background in defense, civil, and international markets, Hickey will oversee Elbit's aircraft modernization and sustainment facility in San Antonio, Texas, its product support sites in Fort Worth, Texas and in Woensdrecht, Netherlands and logistics support and obsolesce management center in Talladega, Alabama.
At the same time, the activity tends to antiquate or obsolesce a previously intensified process.
Otherwise, the language will be doomed to obsolesce on the global stage.
Tatischeff can only fend off the unavoidable sweep of his obsolesce for a short while, and soon, he must accept that he has no place in this world.
According to Albert Enste, Vice President International Sales & Service, "The success of the GT26CU-3 locomotive is vital to providing safe and reliable cost effective diesel freight locomotives for rail operators in the South African region that would otherwise not be able to replace older fleets that have become unreliable and, in some cases unsupportable through obsolesce.
In addition to the impact of virtually unlimited high-speed computing and storage, one can imagine other societal changes brought on by technological innovations: ubiquitous vision systems that see not only in the visible spectrum but across all wavelengths would render the privacy of night obsolete; high-efficiency solar cells could transform the world from hydrocarbon-based energy economies to green energy; and sophisticated home health care diagnostic systems might obsolesce most medical office visits.
In other words, with a shift to a postindustrial economic system, factories are increasingly displaced and hidden, while stores allegedly obsolesce as more goods are bought through websites.