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When a product is designed for obsolesce, to be thrown away when next year's model arrives, the energy and materials added during production--and the wastes generated--are only amortized over a single use.
The United States would "exploit and demonstrate the enduring economic advantages of the West to develop a variety of [arms] systems that are difficult for the Soviets to counter, impose disproportionate costs, open up new areas of major military competition and obsolesce previous Soviet investment or employ sophisticated strategic options to achieve this end.
They are also burdened by the greater investments in pro equipment, which has a short working life due to fast-paced obsolesce.
Although Canada's defence policy has been fairly consistent over the years, it provides little direction as to how far the military can be allowed to shrink and obsolesce before policy goals become unattainable.
Perhaps this grail, too, will obsolesce as the organizational landscape changes, but right now it seems especially likely to enhance the well-beings of both individuals and organizations.
One of the concerns of computer users is that today's technology will quickly obsolesce.
Jack Cohen, a consultant, puts it simply: "The major long-term risk to any company is that its physical plant will obsolesce in the marketplace before the end of its depreciated life.
provide product updates and recommendations concerning upgrades and obsolesce.
As communication technologies obsolesce, they become auratic--capable of triggering our sense of the passage of time as represented by those now outmoded tools and, even more important, conveying the reliquary aspect of the encoding media that delivered the content of those times.