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The French decree is part of a wider movement against planned and built-in obsolescence across the EU.
BAE Systems has held the obsolescence management contract with the U.
It is generally not a question whether a company or industry is experiencing external obsolescence in today's economy.
The causes of professional obsolescence are many, and a number of interacting factors appear to be involved.
has been plagued by unusually rapid obsolescence, resulting in opportunities to obtain reductions in property value in accordance with FMV standards.
What is generally taken as the single most important marker of potential obsolescence is the age of the literature.
To address this challenge, ISMI has launched a new Equipment Obsolescence Forum to help the industry identify and implement ways to locate and replace mission-critical parts.
The V-22 Obsolescence Management Team officially stood up in June 2004.
The MTC/MTI team is a leader in providing obsolescence prediction roadmaps, system level redesign, software upgrades, and subsystem manufacturing.
The vacancy of 43% of a taxpayer's shopping center for one year prior to the tax assessment date did not in and of itself establish economic obsolescence and entitle the taxpayer to a reduction in assessment, according to the Tax Court of Indiana.
Property such as computer equipment may lose its value due to functional obsolescence at a faster rate than its decline in value due to wear and tear.