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First, both parties ignore the bulk of the academic literature on the sociological obsoleteness of the linear model (see for example Nelson and Winter, Kline and Rosenberg, Rip, Etzkowitz, etc.
Public television is a fundamental part of the EU audiovisual policy but its current strategic position is stagnant or retrograde due to diverse and complex causes: the lack of receptiveness of the new audiovisual policies of the EU and the Member States; the financial difficulties; the lack of flexibility and adaptation to rapid changes in the environment; the excessive heaviness and obsoleteness of the structures; the difficulties to face the challenge of the Internet and the Web 2.
announced Friday it will halt domestic production of ethylene in view of declining profitability impacted by slow demand in Japan and the growing obsoleteness of its equipment.
This is very significant considering the vast amount of speculation in the literature on the obsoleteness of library schools' curricular in Nigeria.
For Pinera, on the other hand, the dialectic mechanism of innovation and obsoleteness is inside a limited space, as we have seen in his editorials and in "La isla en peso.
While TGYH has been criticised for its inadequacy and, obsoleteness, etc.
The 'stability-instability paradox' -- as it is called -- holds that while nuclear weapons may keep nuclear armed rivals from launching full blown military campaigns, they will increase the possibility of either side taking advantage of obsoleteness of war and initiating limited incursions.