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The obstinate folly of his story is beyond all belief; and you might lead him into ignorantly "
One shepherd, Richard Griffiths of Beidiog Uchaf, Llansannan, was obstinate to the last, even allowing his sheep to be auctioned.
The Patriarch also urged the political leaders to realize the value of Lebanon and its role, rising above their narrow interests and obstinate positions in favor of Lebanon and the nation.
The Obstinate Murder" is about an aging alcoholic who is called in to solve a murder that hasn't happened yet
However, no denial case has been registered from Chitral, Boneer, Butt Garam, Shangla and Kohat whereas 5000 parents in Bannu, 4719 in Sawabi, 2800 in Laki Marwat, 1980 in Nowshehra, 1500 in Charsada, 704 in Dera Ismail Khan, 610 in Kohat, 510 in Mardan, 502 in Tank, 336 in Hangu, 68 in Abbottabad, 37 in Haripur, 35 in Mansehra, 10 in Malakand, 9 in Swat and two in Deer upper remained obstinate on not inoculating the polio drops to their children.
Courts have nothing of practical use where you have the obstinate, obstructive, venomous, hate-filled parent determined to destroy the other parent and destroy the other parent's relationship.
From masterful knitting, to weaving a complex drama of betrayal with shogi game pieces, to creating an in-class postal note-passing service (complete with obstinate bureaucracy), Seki's antics push the boundary between the creative and the surreal.
an obstinate Charlie Hebdo went on sale Wednesday, in five languages and in over 20 countries.
Begrudgingly following in the shadow of his obstinate grandmother, 12-year-old Ahmed accompanies her on a journey to understand what happened to a father he never knew.
BARDO, (TAP) - President of the National Constituent Assembly (NCA) Mustapha Ben Jfar expressed deep concern about the continuation of Israel's obstinate policy against the Palestinians.
The Jeffersons is a play of Lancashire life, and if we, in turn, know by instinct that there will be obstinate, bluff mill owners with, respectively, a daughter and a son, who ought to hate each other like poison, but don''t - well, what of that?
SDSM is drowning and continues to drown but instead of admitting the mistake, the party is obstinate," Karakamisheva concludes.