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Half-past nine struck in the middle of the performance of "Auld Lang Syne," a most obstreperous proceeding, during which there was an immense amount of standing with one foot on the table, knocking mugs together and shaking hands, without which accompaniments it seems impossible for the youths of Britain to take part in that famous old song.
Billy's name seemed to have a quieting effect on obstreperous males.
Rafsanjani and Rouhani, antagonists of the obstreperous Revolutionary Guards, attempted to curtail the military and economic influence of the supreme leader's praetorians.
It's an obstreperous subject for most of us as without it we wouldn't be here, yet puts us in an onerous position to give a view that is impartial and achromatic.
Insensitivity to and delay in registering FIR against those responsible for killing PAT workers in Model Town, Lahore has been the reason for the PAT leadership to become obstreperous.
Indeed, obstreperous critics are being challenged as a result of another, rather surprising development: While customers may express an opinion about a service, the service provider can also rate its customers, as Uber has demonstrated.
In the past I would have vacated the sofa sharpish, but as I grow older, I have become more obstreperous.
The Arabs became "more lively, more obstreperous," as observers noted, and demonstrations in favor of qat filled Aden's streets.
Many may think that in this particular instance Mr Mitchell's entrapment was justified, I still maintain that if any member of the normal public had been obstreperous and used foul language in Downing Street, they would be up before Bow Street magistrates within twenty-four hours, plebs or not
Prince Bandar's biographer David Ottaway, a senior scholar at the Woodrow Wilson Centre in Washington, estimated that the flamboyant prince, who was the Saudi king's personal envoy before serving as his country's ambassador to the US for 22 years, dealt with "five US presidents, ten secretaries of state, 11 national security advisers, 16 sessions of Congress, an obstreperous American media, and hundreds of greedy politicians".
In addition, since the 2012 election the Obama administration has become decidedly bolder, refusing to negotiate on the debt ceiling; reaching out to moderate Senate Republicans instead of House leadership on key legislation like immigration reform and sequestration; and addressing important issues unilaterally through executive order and regulation, bypassing the obstreperous legislative process.