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But urgent surgical treatment of obstructed colon cancer is associated with higher complication and mortality rates despite advances in the surgical techniques and intensive care.
Classification 2, incompletely obstructed hemivagina
PUUO associated with impaired urinary concentration of the obstructed kidney
Further, failure of the nurse to recognize that there is a difference in how to provide respiratory support and patient management for an accidental decannulation in a tracheotomy patient with an unobstructed versus an obstructed airway may lead to patient death due to improper action on the part of the nurse.
There are less than 2000 obstructed view seats and standing room tickets remaining for a potential Game 6 of the 2010 ALCS versus the New York Yankees, which would take place on Friday, October 22 at Rangers Ballpark in Arlington (7:07 p.
In a total of 256 arteries examined in the 64 RA patients, 10 (4%) were obstructed and 20 (8%) were incompressible.
It is already scheduled to host the inaugural Four Celtic Nations football tournament in 2011, as well as the Europa League final, but recently rumours have surfaced which claim some seats will have obstructed views of the pitch, due to the stadium's unique curving roof.
The man told them a relative was looking after them but later obstructed officers from entering his address when they went to check.
Kim, who upstaged reigning world champion Asada at the Four Continents contest last month, made a stunning recent comment which was interpreted to mean Japanese rivals had obstructed her warm-ups before competitions.
Some of the motorists complained that they met with accidents because the billboards at the roundabouts obstructed their view and they could not see the other vehicles.
2 : to be or come in the way of : hinder <She was uncooperative and obstructed the investigation.
The council, between 1998 and 2005, obstructed public highways by the erection of possibly about 7,000 alleyg-ates despite being under a duty imposed by the Highways Act 1980 to see that the highways are kept clear and to take proceedings against anyone obstructing them.