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I expressed my disgust for this so-called 'protest', then walked out to the middle of the road and obstructed traffic to cause a stir.
A WOMAN obstructed police by flinging cannabis seedlings out of a car, a court heard.
The pair, both of no fixed abode, obstructed immigration officials executing an early-morning deportation warrant at a home on Gabalfa Avenue in Cardiff on October 18 last year.
Furthermore, with rats, we can obtain a sufficient number of obstructed animals to cover the large variety of responses to obstruction seen in clinical and experimental materials with respect to severity and changes in renal morphology and function.
Party law obstructed to get financial support, MP BAGHDAD/ Aswat al-Iraq: State of Law MP Kamal al-Sa'idi stressed that "there are some circles that try to obstruct the endorsement of Party Law in order to get their financial financing".
Many officials obstructed to implementation of the program using their powers, the Prime Minister said.
Today, Washington Ambassador to the UN Suzan Rice accuses the UNSC of lingering because it obstructed a US-Israeli wish, carried out by Arab tools, to intervene in the Syrian affairs, in reference to Russia and China who vetoed a European draft resolution against Syria last October.
HEBRON, February 8, 2011 (WAFA) -- Israeli settlers Tuesday obstructed the visit of Spanish Foreign Minister Trinidad Jimenez and Governor Kamel Hmaid to the old city of Hebron.
There were 221 nurses who participated in the study that queried their knowledge related to recognition and intervention for patients with displaced tracheostomy tubes in obstructed and unobstructed upper airways.
Less than 50 obstructed view tickets remain for the Rangers second potential home game, Game 4 on Sunday, October 31.
Abnormal ABIs, either obstructed or incompressible, existed in 19 RA patients (30%) and in two controls (5%), a statistically significant difference.
LANSDOWNE stadium's developers have slammed claims that some seats at the redeveloped ground will have obstructed views.