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Stokes became only the seventh batsman ever to be dismissed obstructing the field in the history of international cricket.
Luke David Harris, 19, of Borrowby Court, Guisborough, fined PS110 and ordered to pay PS105 costs for obstructing a police officer.
He is charged with being drunk and disorderly, using threatening behaviour, two counts of assault with intent to resist arrest and obstructing police.
The Metro Doors Safety Campaign includes a specially commissioned animation titled "Use Your Brain Near a Train", featuring cartoon characters who receive a range of injuries as a result of obstructing train doors.
The school's volunteer football coach, Matthew Belardine, has been charged with allowing underage drinking, obstructing official business, making a false statement and contributing to the unruliness or delinquency of a child.
Jarvis denied one count of obstructing an immigration officer and one count of obstructing a policeman executing his duty.
Johannesburg, Mar 22 ( ANI ): Pakistan opening batsman Mohammad Hafeez became the first batsman ever to be given out for obstructing the field under the International Cricket Council (ICC) rules during the fourth one-day against South Africa in Durban on Thursday.
Brewer was charged with an offence of obstructing the railway under the Malicious Damage Act 1861.
More worryingly they cause a hazard obstructing a clear view for other motorists and obstruct pedestrian's right of way, which could lead to a collision and injury.
Menem to trial: Former Argentine President Carlos Menem (photo) has been called to court to face trial on charges of obstructing justice by interfering with the investigation of the bombing of the Jewish communality center in Buenos Aires in 1994 while Menem was president.
Jonathan Calcott, 30, of Carnation Way, Nuneaton, and Martin Sutherland, 44, of Stonebury Avenue, Eastern Green, Coventry, were on trial for perverting the course of justice and obstructing a coroner.
Summary: Two men were sentenced to 3 years in prison after being convicted of obstructing justice after they tried to extort money in exchange for testimony in a judicial case.