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Hypothesis 1b: Informational injustice will be positively related to incidence of obstructionism, expressions of hostility, and to a lesser extent, overt aggression among employees.
diplomats and other government workers "have long been subjected to unusual, government-initiated obstructionism and harassment" but that it had gotten far worse.
I'd say that was fairly thorough, especially in view of Israel's obstructionism, wouldn't you?
With Democrats at last willing to govern by majority rule and Obama now willing to confront both Republican and industry obstructionism, the deficient features of the bill can more easily be changed.
Obama chastised Senate Republicans for obstructionism.
Sierra Club Executive Director Carl Pope also fingered the Senate: "President Obama and the rest of the world paid a steep price here in Copenhagen because of obstructionism in the U.
We are examining all options for getting this aid through and getting the message through to the Burmese regime their obstructionism is completely intolerable.
But outside of Moscow it is highly fragmented and characterized by bureaucratic obstructionism, corruption and worker shortages.
Those who insist on vitriol and obstructionism would be marginalized.
The Vatican-affiliated AsiaNews website said Gan pledged his allegiance to the Pope after his election in late 2006 and that ''the delay in celebrating the ordination is due to the obstructionism of the Patriotic Association, which tries to impose its own bishops without the consent of the Vatican.
Government officials have accused the Sunnis of blackmail and obstructionism and harbor suspicions that some among the largest Sunni parliamentary bloc, Tawafiq, provide aid to insurgents.
Bill Rafferty, outgoing chairman of the Gas Appliance Manufacturers Association (GAMA), told members at the 2007 General Session that industry's standard practice of resisting all regulated change is often viewed as obstructionism and often puts industry on the wrong side of the issues.