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Bush's appellate nominees have been confirmed without controversy -- a fact that neither Republicans keen to paint Democrats as obstructionists, nor Democrats keen to paint Mr.
IBM says communications technologies are best left in the hands of corporate oligopolies unfettered by government and naive, obstructionist technophiles.
It also was the most radical because the court's actions in 1937 seemed even more obstructionist.
Ten years later, in the immediate wake of the "long hot summer" of 1965, Tarry added an afterword to The Third Door in which she chides obstructionist, racist whites and those she called "culturally deprived Negroes" for failing to open their minds and hearts to the idea of equal access to "the door just beyond the tall mountain of prejudice where there will be no superficial barriers based on the color of a man's skin.
And counter to their obstructionist reputation, city officials are eager to make it all happen.
Critics, however, considered it negative and obstructionist in its dealings with Africa-American business through its Minority Business Development Administration (MBDA).
She made a decisive but risky change in perspective and strategy, employing a Machiavellian approach to mobilize parental support and actively challenge the power bases of obstructionist teachers.
If the system becomes obstructionist and I become inutile, I will declare a revolutionary government.
The State department pointed at Russia's attempt to eliminate the UN panel that reported these findings as obstructionist, saying Moscow "has demonstrated once again that it values protecting its ally the Assad regime over stopping the monstrous use of chemical weapons.
The actions of persons threatening the peace and international stabilization efforts in the Western Balkans, including acts of extremist violence and obstructionist activity, continue to pose an unusual and extraordinary threat to the national security and foreign policy of the United States.
As the posturings continue in parliament, it's the average Indian taxpayer (and voter) who is left to count the cost of policy paralysis and obstructionist politics yet again.