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The tenant's best bet is to obtain a sale lease back investor and contract executed prior to the commencement of construction, since the contract will serve as a take-out for the tenant's construction 3an.
But what procedures are necessary to obtain that understanding?
in connection with the services provided, the licensee shall so inform the client in writing and obtain the client's written permission for the disclosure.
About half of the difference was due to the extra time it took for second-trimester patients to suspect that they were pregnant (28 days after missing their period, compared with six days in the first-trimester group) and to obtain a positive pregnancy test (28 days after suspecting the pregnancy, compared with 15 days in the first-trimester group).
In order to obtain a result in agreement with BEUTLER's experimental data we should start instead with better approximate eigenfunctions, which take into account interaction between different configurations.
The Foreign Bank Supervision Enhancement Act of 1991, which amended the IBA, provides that a foreign bank must obtain the approval of the Board to establish a representative office in the United States.
The report provides an example of GAO staff obtaining an ITIN, prior to December 2003, by submitting bogus documents through the mail and using the number to open a bank account and obtain an ATM card.
If your company doesn't require a loan or other financing to construct its initial leasehold improvements, you should nonetheless make every effort to negotiate a financeable ground lease in order to give you sufficient flexibility to use its leasehold interest and leasehold improvements to obtain financing at a later date.
An individual can request access to and obtain copies of his or her PHI, request that the provider amend his or her PHI, request an accounting of disclosures of his or her PHI or, within limits, restrict the use and disclosure of his or her PHI.
Consequently, it is not constitutionally required that an officer be faced with an emergency or to obtain consent before making a public arrest without a warrant.
In addition, the reauditor must clearly indicate to the predecessor that the purpose of its initial inquiries is to obtain information about whether to conduct a reaudit.