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Country: United States of America
State: New Jersey

I'm trying to obtain medical records from a place that was reluctant to release them. Their attorney agreed to accept an "Indemnification & Hold-harmless" agreement, which I signed on November 14th. In it, it mentions that they have thirty days to release the records to my attorney;I learned that the 30-day period begins when it's signed by whoever is representing the facility. I was wondering if there is a specific amount of time before the other party is expected to sign.


See http://www.worldlawdirect.com/article/1552/Obtain_your_medical_records_--_Legal_rights.html
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Chief Horn said there is no probable cause for a search warrant to obtain medical records.
Hundreds of people have been displaced internally due to this struggle and it has become difficult to obtain medical records of children who may or may not have been vaccinated.
We have been very impressed with the depth of the Jopari expertise in the P&C marketplace, and they, likewise, with our ability to streamline the often cumbersome process required to obtain medical records.
Winter said that the office is "conducting an investigation and will try to obtain medical records from her doctors.
Why are GP's not approached to obtain medical records at regular, and I would suggest very regular, intervals?
Whitman further alleged that Kean had died under "unusual circumstances," that his death required "further investigation" and that Whitman desired to obtain medical records in the possession of Trinity "in order to determine whether there [were] grounds to assert a wrongful death claim on behalf of the estate of the decedent.
The company expects the adjuster to work with the injured party or his or her attorney to obtain medical records, bills, and other relevant information.
Of those individuals, they were able to obtain medical records for 196 cases and 196 controls.
Eyre's failure to obtain medical records before surgery "did not breach the applicable standard of care.
Coroner's investigators are working with preliminary identification information to locate family members of those aboard the plane and obtain medical records that might confirm the identities of the victims.
Yesterday, Margaret Scott QC, for Ditta, claimed the solicitor who represented Ditta failed to obtain medical records which could have led to his acquittal.