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But it is because they do not see; because some among us receive the profits, and do not see the sufferings of their fellow creatures; because the objects, as they actually exist, are not allowed to obtrude upon their vision, and interpose the reality of things between these Gentlemen's consciences and their calculations.
Indeed, Sister is so ably done, so perceptive about grief and guilt and self-delusion, that when the cliches of the genre do obtrude in the form of overwrought prose-'Facts of exploding shrapnel were ripping our relationship apart'-it's a bit of a shock.
offended at the author's notions, which he wanted judgment to see, were only a deliberate ridicule, of those wild, idle dreams, which some men, who call themselves philosophers, have thought proper gravely to obtrude upon the world, as learning and knowledge.
For many years, of course, the political class and much of the educated middle class refused to see that there was a problem--not only because it did not obtrude much on their personal lives, but because they had created it, and they would have to lose their ethical virginity if they tried to do anything about it.
While modern English idioms like "the bread of life" (107) and "the promised land" (53) do not render impossible some "suspension of disbelief" in Lavinia's world, they obtrude on the textual illusion nonetheless, carrying with them as they do resonances with Judeo-Christian concepts alien to the ancient Romans.
He is not to obtrude his opinion unless it is invited, but when it is needed he must give it with complete honesty and candour.
Nowhere else in the Solomons did this theme obtrude itself so consistently as on Makira.
Women scarcely obtrude on the book, either in considering labour or anti-slavery, and gender is still less present.
It began: "It is seldom we have occasion to obtrude our personal matters on the attention of our readers.
Upon his gentlemanly presence the eventual blood and tears do not obtrude themselves.
Blue appears in Mulholland Drive almost every time reality seems to obtrude into the dream, most clearly in the Club Silencio sequence.
It is only the aggressive ones who are ever on the lookout for trouble, who wish to obtrude where they are not welcome.