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For Warren, Stribling's novels rise above pure propaganda, however, when his aesthetic inclinations mitigate his sociological purposes to make his fiction less purely abstract and more concrete: "Propagandist art is never pure propaganda in the first place, for something other than social conscience forces the choice of the art form, but the purity in this respect depends on the degree in which the author desires to see the practical triumph of his critical ideas and obtrudes that desire" (ts.
It is closely associated in Lacan's theoretical discourse with the function of unconscious desire--or, more specifically, with the dynamic of unconscious desire as it obtrudes in (conscious) perception.
Still the question obtrudes, and Maimonides, the rabbis, the future, history -- all these witnesses on which Lang calls from time to time -- seem to stand in for the real, the unnamable, the one coherent Witness to it all.
That mistaken identities, false resemblances, and elaborate deceptions figure as both theme and technique in Vladimir Nabokov's fiction obtrudes, embarrasses, or fuses with any study of his lepidoptery.
At more than one period the vulgar smell of antisemitism obtrudes.
So there is a danger that we will lose our capacity for wonder, for the show-stopping moments of astonishment in which some object of the world, natural or man-made - a leaf, say, with its finely branching internal architecture, or the honed perfection of a knife edge - pops out of the general visual field and obtrudes, as it were, on our consciousness.
From this position the Barnhouse stone is just obscured by the modern revetment of the mound material immediately outside the entrance, which obtrudes slightly into the field of view for a reason about to be explained (Figure 4).
When not quite oneiric, many of the tales are not quite real; time is telescoped, the past obtrudes, the future intrudes.
The exact nature of the noir affect manifests differently across disparate films, but in general, it is a kind of "dispossession or resentment" that obtrudes across the visual field (15).
The second panel obtrudes upon the imaginary, revealing the symbolic field of Kochalka's more realistic imago normally hidden by the veiling effects of the fantasy imago.
The dialogue in fact is a cover for a catechism, which often enough obtrudes from the fiction: "What frute then receavest thou by these wordes?
since I find myself increasingly restive with a discourse which obtrudes its ungainly bulk between reader and text" ("Inaugural").