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Inferior capsule innervation is possibly from the obturator nerve or inferior gluteal nerve (Figure 2).
The obturator nerve is the motor supply of the thigh adductors, as well as providing sensation to the skin of the inner thigh overlying the knee as well as the joint itself.
Bruce Ben-David et al and Macalou et al concluded that a continuous sciatic nerve block or an obturator nerve block was needed to improve analgesia with the 3-in-1 block after TKA (9, 10).
Injury to the obturator nerve is felt on the skin of the medial upper leg, and injury to the femoral nerve is felt in the anterior thigh down to the knee.
The obturator nerve was noticeably deviated by the mass.
Less-common complications include mesh erosion, obturator nerve irritation, vaginal wound infection, and external iliac artery punctures from the trocar.
In TURD-Bt, the obturator nerve reflex is less than it is in TUR-Bt and the risk of obturator nerve reflex is easily controlled.
Obturator nerve injuries are infrequent events following total hip arthroplasty; Weber (16) reported only one in 2,012 total hip arthroplasties.
The limited LN dissection is generally described as an extirpation of lymphatic tissue in the obturator fossa between the obturator nerve and the external iliac vein.