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Fastigium with sides converging in an obtuse angle, its surface excavated, without median carina, inner pagina of hind femur partially marked with black (Fig.
79[degrees]; dispersion not given; pleochroism distinct, X = yellowish brown, Y = pale brown, Z = reddish brown; X ^ c = 35 to 40[degrees] in obtuse angle [beta], Y ^ a = 21 to 26[degrees] in acute angle [beta], Z = b.
Discuss how the size of a reflex angle can be determined by measuring an acute angle or an obtuse angle and subtracting from 360[degrees], and how the size of an obtuse angle can be determined by finding an acute angle and subtracting from 180[degrees].
25 times longer than vertex in midline; median carina distinct and elevated; posterior margin concave in obtuse angle.
Epicnemium with shallow, small depression on ventral side, without delimiting carina; two acetabular carinae meeting at medioventral carina, not forming obtuse angle (Fig.
With the Sun continuing at a rather obtuse angle with Uranus, the suggestion is that you'll be happiest with others.
He who knows his isosceles triangle from his obtuse angle is a rare beast indeed.
70[degrees], dispersion not determined; pleochroism strong, X = light brown, Y = red-brown, Z = yellow; X ^ c = 15[degrees] in acute angle [beta], Y = b, Z ^ a = 40[degrees] in obtuse angle [beta].
With encouragement, they quickly stretched their thinking and remembered more specific terms, such as polygon, quadrilateral, obtuse angle, and equilateral triangle.
But I rang her later and said, 'Kylie, I know this is coming from a bit of an obtuse angle but do you fancy a good sex session tonight?
The smaller pavilion is set at an obtuse angle to the larger one and has two bays, clearly subservient and inflected towards the main building and gently continuing the sense of garden enclosure.
Gnathos long, apex slightly bent, obtuse angle, large and stout at basal part, emarginated on caudal margin.