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25 times longer than vertex in midline; median carina distinct and elevated; posterior margin concave in obtuse angle.
Epicnemium with shallow, small depression on ventral side, without delimiting carina; two acetabular carinae meeting at medioventral carina, not forming obtuse angle (Fig.
The smaller pavilion is set at an obtuse angle to the larger one and has two bays, clearly subservient and inflected towards the main building and gently continuing the sense of garden enclosure.
Gnathos long, apex slightly bent, obtuse angle, large and stout at basal part, emarginated on caudal margin.
So far we have researched the works and life of Hundertwasser, written a newspaper article about the experiences of World War I evacuees, learnt various spellings to help with his English, Welsh and now French, mastered acute and obtuse angles and completed a written project on the benefits of healthy eating.
By contrast, other Cretaceous taxa in North America have more obtuse angles between the mesial and distal faces of the crests.
This year, the charity has devised special cricket-themed lessons to give the curriculum a cricketing twist, where children will learn the difference between acute and obtuse angles in maths through a range of cricket shots, or identify the country's cricket playing counties in Geography.
As for that part of the Earth far from the sun, light reflects on it at obtuse angles and it does not focus on one spot, and therefore its heat is weaker.
acute, straight and obtuse angles, and discussed the notion of adjacent angles.