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Perhaps the crisis in the humanities is not, then, merely a funding shortfall resulting from obtuseness and ambition among crass government bureaucrats and educational administrators; perhaps it began decades ago when scholars and teachers in the humanities forgot the purpose of their studies.
I have discovered the cause of the obtuseness of our bureaucracy: it is composed of people with a smattering of everything and knowledge of nothing.
Jefferson extends the theme of army obtuseness by describing the results of placing the division on the same island as a unit of white National Guardsmen from Mississippi and Alabama.
Although some politicians and bureaucrats were more empathetic than others, taken as a whole, the arrogance and obtuseness of their decisions are breathtaking.
Mark's uncomfortable introspection gets further unasked-for stimulation from two students, one a smart, opinionated kid (Kieran Culkin) determined to share his detailed teacher evaluation, the other a dim housewife (Stephanie Cannon) who's borderline hostile in her obtuseness.
But as often happens when academics try to write about public policy for a general readership, this slender 151-page book sometimes teeters between obtuseness and oversimplification.
The actual claims in most of the letters can be easily refuted, but the sheer volume of such letters, combined with the determined obtuseness of most of the liberal haters, actually diminish my desire to respond at all to any one of them.
Kierkegaard deplores the modern obtuseness to the authority with which words are spoken and its displacement by a cold curiosity in what they merely mean--or meant.
But it epitomizes the moral obtuseness that has so handicapped his administration.
If she's sometimes over the top, it's because so many of Parker's characters, magnificent in their tunnel-visioned obtuseness, are too.
Smith, displaying a deft flair for comic obtuseness (and employing a voice that is so recognizably Lisa Simpson's as to be distracting) is convincingly lovestruck -- and peculiar enough that Gilliland's Ormsby should have hot-footed it or slammed the door in her face at the first sight of her.