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The case is provided for, Monsieur d'Artagnan; a carriage with a trellis will obviate both the difficulties you point out.
Yes, to obviate his becoming such a gentleman as his father.
Before I proceed farther, I shall beg leave to obviate some misconstructions into which the zeal of some few readers may lead them; for I would not willingly give offence to any, especially to men who are warm in the cause of virtue or religion.
For the dependence is upon ye to obviate the curse of the nigger man and the blonde lady and the financial loss of the one-sixty-five.
The water solubility of the prodrug will obviate the need to dissolve paclitaxel in a castor oil based excipient such as that currently utilized in the IV administration of Taxol(R) and premedication with steroids and antihistamines.
These results strongly suggest that for suspected Crohn's disease, small bowel imaging with CTE can obviate the need for follow-up study with capsule endoscopy.
However, IP telephony is likely to simplify connectivity to third-party applications (multimedia channels and CRM) and thus, obviate the need for the connectivity layer of CTI.
This system is the best available to obstruct, deter, if not obviate altogether, the loss of life.
These funds are intended to obviate the need for a large new power plant every 2 1/2 years.
He noted that Iran has also made efforts to obviate concerns about its nuclear program.
Hence the New Testament urges positive attitudes to the state (1 Thess 4:9-14, Rom 12:1-7, 1 Pet 2:13-17), attempts to obviate such threats.
In smaller deals, discouraging complications often obviate the interest of the people who solve them, simply because there is more financial reward in solving bigger problems.