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The customer's identity is defined in a smart card that is either built-in or separately attached to his or her laptop/PDA, obviating the need for a password and log-in.
PET is a revolutionary medical diagnostic imaging technology that allows physicians to pinpoint and accurately diagnose life threatening diseases obviating unnecessary invasive surgery or therapies by detecting anomalies at the very earliest stages.
Extrapolation to the human equivalent should yield a convenient and very practical clinical dosing regimen of constant infusion of low dose Troponin, obviating the need for frequent hospital or clinic visits.
It has continued to refine this effective and versatile software, providing state-of-the-art technology on `rental' terms obviating the need for massive investment on the part of the retailer.
Additionally, significant financial subsidies can be realized by purchasing through this mechanism as well as obviating the lengthy and cumbersome public bid process.
Hardware and software upgrades are continuously made at the server level obviating the need at the customer level, leading to tremendous &uot;installation&uot; savings.
Built on eGain's Web Component Architecture, eGain Voice is completely Web-based, obviating the need for a "voice" client.
This achievement could extend the life of optical lithography by several years, obviating the need for U.