obvious interpretation

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To be fair, Graham hasn't told me he wants the squad size trimmed but the obvious interpretation of cuts within the player budget would suggest it.
The obvious interpretation is that Briers didn't take kindly to the nature of the tackle and probably retaliated against what he thought was an illegal high shot.
This may not be the obvious interpretation of May's council election result.
Organisers said that participants will be encouraged to venture beyond the obvious interpretation of Muharraq as an Islamic town, as it was once known, and produce innovative projects that paint the true colour of the place in today's modern age.
One obvious interpretation of these findings is that different individuals may have different vitamin D nutritional requirements, depending on their genetic makeup.
FOR Denman fans there are various possible straws to clutch at, but the most obvious interpretation of his performance at Kempton last Saturday is likely to prove the correct one - that, sadly, last year's Cheltenham Gold Cup winner isn't the horse he was.
But most importantly, a more obvious interpretation suggests itself when we compare the Aqedah panel with its adjacent panel, which depicts the two boys left behind after Abraham and Isaac ascended to the mount.
Liberal Democrat regional chairman Ron Beadle said: "The obvious interpretation is that people are voting the same way as their parents.
Simple conversations where somebody mentions that he or she is married will lose what was once their obvious interpretation and simplicity.
And Ubogu was entitled to put the obvious interpretation on Woodward's official quote last week when he was temporarily axed.
Of course, Roberts also offers the obvious interpretation, that the garconne's ultimate return to conventional femininity, manifested by longer hair and marriage, reasserted sexual boundaries and conservative morality.
However, while the music video criticizes male sexism, "Ladies First" does celebrate African American women as heterosexuals, and in this regard, Queen Latifah's music video fails to present an alternative to compulsory heterosexuality and neglects another obvious interpretation of ladies first.