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Prior to the dentist making the second reline, the assistant re-trims the triple tray impression as needed to ensure that the patient can occlude fully into it.
Previous investigators have demonstrated clearly an inverse relationship between tourniquet width and minimum pressure required to occlude arterial blood flow.
Thus, the (fictitious) "authorless" text of power through which established hegemonies justify themselves, is posed against "contextualized" readings that problematize this text by uncovering the biases which it occludes.
Study their anonymous equal in Stripper at the Show Palace caught midmove: one blue Adidas kicked back, his tube sock pulled tight around his calf, his posture taught, a bow tic ringing his neck while a magic cloud from a smoke machine occludes most of his body.
Freudian childhood sleuthing occludes the fact that a rupture occurred much later, sometime in the mid- to late '60s.