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18 Although the exact causative mechanism is not yet known, occlusal trauma resulting in such cases can act as aggravating factors for existing periodontal problems causing a cascade of tooth destructive mechanisms.
Carbon paper has traditionally been used to determine occlusal contact points, however other studies have shown that this material can lead to false-positive results due to the influence of factors such as salivation and occlusal morphologyl (32).
Occlusal therapy constitutes a deliberate intervention for the purpose of changing the occlusal status.
The inclusion criteria were: mesial, occlusal, and distal surfaces of deciduous and permanent molars that were entered as part of the clinical and radiographic analysis of the medical records.
Wits analysis was done by first drawing the functional occlusal plane and then taking perpendicular from bony point A and the bony point B to the occlusal plane.
Because of their multiracial background, the members of the Puerto Rican population could present with certain occlusal characteristics that vary from those found in individuals belonging to US national or international populations.
The occlusal discolouration on tooth 15 that was conspicuous at the start turned out to not require treatment and was removed with simple polishing.
The higher leakage detected in gingival wall compared with occlusal wall can be related to the structure of these two walls (Table 1, 2 & 3).
For oral prosthetic rehabilitation and myorelaxant occlusal splints to have functional harmony with the stomatognathic system, all laboratory stages and clinical procedures of preparing the prosthetic devices are required to be properly carried out, respecting the technical scientific principles (Ewoldsen, 2011; Karakis, Dogan, & Bek, 2014; Dalewski, Chrusciel-Nogalska, & Frqczak, 2015).
Occlusal Adjustments in Implants and Natural Dentition: 3D Occlusion: TMJ Pathology Related to Occlusion: Etiopathology and Treatment (DVD included)
The objective of this study was to compare the numbers of post insertion appointments for occlusal adjustments in removable complete dentures made with and without face-bow record.
One of the shortfalls that existed was the unavailability of mirrors that are capable of enhancing occlusal and background photographs.