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The occlusal surfaces show pitting, scratching and enamel chipping of antemortem origin, indicating the intense use of the teeth.
The left first permanent molar had been extracted previously as part of the orthodontic treatment plan and cavitation in the occlusal surface was noted when the tooth was partially erupted.
Scientific analysis demonstrates that the restoration proposal closely reproduces the original occlusal surface that is unique to that specific patient.
The teeth were worn down to create u-shaped grooves on the occlusal surfaces.
The occlusal surfaces of some teeth in the specimen are exceptionally flat and possess low, thin transverse ridges that extend fully to the marginal area.
The depth of the jaw, taken from the occlusal surface at the 13th ridge plate to the base, is 223.
Strains on teeth are concentrated into the cervical region, particularly forces not directed onto the occlusal surface along the axis of the tooth.
Intra-oral examination revealed a partially erupted 46 with only the occlusal surface evident.
A complete adult dentition is present, with no ante-mortem tooth loss or other evidence of dental disease, with the exception of the lower left second molar, which shows a carious lesion on its occlusal surface.
The vomer possesses a convex occlusal surface so that tooth crowns of the fourth lateral rows face labially.
Due to several times higher resolution occlusal surface of gypsum model of dental arch scanned with the three dimensional optical scanner, has considerably higher frequency dimensional constituents.
In case the occlusal surface presents unwanted cavities, or pits and fissures, bonding agent (resin) is applied (without acid upon the enamel) in order to create a more favorable occlusal anatomy (fig.