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The occlusal surface is slightly convex and the basal one, slightly concave.
A weakly developed crista projects into the median valley and joins the crochet a few millimeters below the occlusal surface to enclose a shallow medifossette.
Restorations that 'rise' above the occlusal surface
The influence of molar occlusal surface area on the voluntary intake, digestion, chewing behaviour and diet selection of red deer (Cervus elaphus).
The occlusal surfaces show pitting, scratching and enamel chipping of antemortem origin, indicating the intense use of the teeth.
The left first permanent molar had been extracted previously as part of the orthodontic treatment plan and cavitation in the occlusal surface was noted when the tooth was partially erupted.
The depth of curve of Spee was measured as the perpendicular distance between the deepest cusp tip and a flat plane that was laid on the occlusal surface of the mandibular dental cast.
For discrimination, they used relative size of the occlusal surface as measured by length and width.
A load of 5N was applied on the occlusal surface of the simplified crown.
With full crowns, the software scans its neighboring teeth or an unrestored tooth in either dental arch to naturally reconstruct the occlusal surface while taking into consideration the antagonist (opposing) tooth.
Dental microwear features were counted twice on the occlusal surface of the second molar paracone and averaged.