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The EMerge Alliance Occupied Space standard creates an integrated, open platform for power, interior infrastructures, controls and a wide variety of peripheral devices to facilitate the hybrid use of AC and DC power within commercial buildings.
Due to the success of the Alliance's first standard for the Occupied Space, which focuses on distributing DC power directly at the ceiling plane, the Alliance launched this workgroup, led by Steelcase, to better optimize power use by the rising number of DC-powered devices used at or near the desktop every day.
Yet completing build-outs in occupied space is more complex than many realize.
The total square footage incorporates over 102,000 square feet of occupied space.
Without having to 'work around' occupied space, we have the rare opportunity to recreate a Manhattan office building from scratch," said Sigman.
After rebuilding, the occupied space can be reduced by 40%, and power consumption by 63%.
Store toxic or volatile compounds, such as paints, solvents, cleaners and pesticides, out of the occupied space.
The firm has occupied space on the ninth floor of the building for the last eight years.
NetApp previously occupied space at 335 Madison Avenue.
Huron occupied space that was subleased from Price Waterhouse Coopers, once a significant tenant who was allowed to terminate the remainder of its lease term in order to accommodate the building's busy pace of leasing activity.
OCPI, producers of the hit TV show Monk, accommodated show writers, directors and production staff at the building while filming in New York; and Sony and Columbia Pictures occupied space at the facility for production of the recent Will Smith box office smash 'Hitch'.