occur again

See: recur
References in classic literature ?
I expressed some doubt on this, reminding him of his disappearance in the gallery, and suggested that the same phenomenon might occur again.
Bennet and her daughters apologised most civilly for Lydia's interruption, and promised that it should not occur again, if he would resume his book; but Mr.
I give you my word of honor it shan't occur again, and let this always be a reminder to me," and he pointed to the broken ring.
At the same time, I have made it my business to see that this does not occur again.
You have behaved improperly, and I would wish it not to occur again.
The king is going to be foolishly affected and play the generous," thought the queen; "he must not be allowed to impoverish himself; such an opportunity for getting a fortune will never occur again.
None such had occurred since his seeing her in her uncle's room, none such might occur again before his leaving Mansfield.
This is wasting moments that will not soon return, and neglecting an opportunity that may never occur again," the young soldier gravely remarked.
It might be distressing, for the moment," said she; "but you seem to have behaved extremely well; and it is overand may never can never, as a first meeting, occur again, and therefore you need not think about it.
I am here almost miraculously, and can scarcely hope for so good an opportunity to occur again.
The threat has been eliminated, I can say, but the situation will occur again if it will be very cold again and then get warmer," Boronov said.
The state must register a case and see that the cleric is punished and ensure that such cases do not occur again.