occur concurrently

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The completion of the Notes offering is expected to occur concurrently with the closing of the AMCo acquisition on or about October 21, 2015.
The Execution of conditional phases should occur concurrently with the execution of the firm phase.
The investments are conditional on and will occur concurrently with completion by Three of the acquisition of O2 UK from Telefonica and its combination with Three's businesses, which is in turn subject to EU Competition approvals.
This contrasts with James Dunn's position that both Spirit and Water baptism are necessary for Christian conversion and thus a Christian must have experienced both, which he suggests is often occur concurrently with one another.
Hence, the likelihood of senior creditor support in cases where banking distress is likely to occur concurrently with sovereign distress may now be lower than previously assumed.
Using intracranial recordings of field potentials, the scientists demonstrated that the short periods of aperiodic, recurrent ripples are closely associated with reproducible cortical activations that occur concurrently with extensive activity suppression in other brain structures.
This means any technological improvements must occur concurrently with skill improvements.
Speech disorders differ from voice disorders, which affect phonation, although speech-language and voice disorders may occur concurrently.
Sometimes the transmission of the virus and violence occur concurrently, and other times (as in my case) they do not.
In many cases, bleaching and disease occur concurrently on coral reefs.
We were interested in whether these symptoms were more likely to occur concurrently and which was more likely to come first among women in this transition period," Mary D.
Data from previous studies suggest that risky behaviors associated with skin cancer often occur concurrently, but few studies have been large or comprehensive.