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In the US, gasoline is sold with an antiknock index rating that is the average of the Research Octane Number (RON) [26] and the Motor Octane Number (MON) [27].
D2699 - Standard Test Method for Research Octane Number of Spark-Ignition Engine Fuel; American Society for Testing and Materials, 2013.
Because of these losses, the boiling point and density of petrol raise and such important parameter of petrol quality as an octane number is reduced, which results in an increase in petrol consumption in engine operation and its malfunction.
Therefore overall result of oxygen content and octane number of the fuel leads to low CO and HC emission.
0 (premium) Octane number [greater than or equal to]88 (regular) [greater than or equal to]95.
By applying chemometrics to the NIR data, it was found that key properties, such as aromatics, unsaturated content and octane number, could be determined.
Kohtla-Jarve shale oil based petrol had octane number up to 68 and elemental composition of C 84.
So far in order to reduce the octane number, tetra ethyl lead (TEL) has been used that functions as octane booster for gasoline Premium ON 88 and Premix ON 94.
Replacement of Regular 80 research octane number (RON) 0.
The octane rating unit can be set up for either ASTM([R]) D 2699 (ISO 5164) (IP237) Standard Test Method for Research Octane Number (RON) or ASTM D2700 (ISO 5163) (IP236) Standard Test Method for Motor Octane Number (MON).
Petrol car with an octane rating of more than 92, but not more than 95 by the research method, petrol car with an octane number of more than 95, but not more than 98 on the research method