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4) Also, cranial neuropathies are seen in as many as 50% of cases; the oculomotor nerve is generally considered to be the most frequently involved nerve, (5) although one series found that the abducens nerve was the most common cranial nerve involved in sphenoid pathologies, including neoplasms.
Isolated oculomotor nerve palsies often occur as a result of the presence of a lesion within the subarachnoid space, so considering this condition in the differential diagnosis is important.
The clinical manifestation of the patients with isolated mesencephalic infarct was shown up nuclear or fascicular oculomotor nerve palsy and contralateral motor deficits (6,7).
Some interesting cases, such as presence of left oculomotor nerve palsy with normal pupil and right hemiparesis, were described.
A diagnosis of oculomotor nerve palsy was considered and to investigate possible cavernous sinus pathology, the patient was transferred to another hospital with facility for magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and neurological assessment.
Midbrain transmits pupillary response via oculomotor nerve (c).
d) It passes through the annulus of Zinn below the oculomotor nerve