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Philip John Smith, (35), an unemployed odd job man, of Braithwaite Road, Sparkbrook, has denied murdering Mrs Jordan, 21-year-old Jodie Hyde, and Rosemary Corcoran, aged 25, between November 8 and 12 last year.
Southport pensioner Dennis Brough, 83, managed to escape after being ambushed, battered and tied up by 21-year-old odd job man George Fairclough.
She told me how one day an odd job man replaced two slates on an old widow's roof in Talybont (Bangor) and charged a whole shilling for doing it.
They thought he was going to attack me with his tools, but basically Steve's my odd job man.
Regarded as a character in the school, Roy is also well-known in the community, acting as warden and odd job man for residents in nearby flats.
Smith (35), an unemployed odd job man of Braithwaite Road, Sparkbrook, is accused of her murder and those of 21-year-old Jodie Hyde, and 39-year-old mother-of-six Carol Jordan between November 8 and 12 last year.
John, of Manor Avenue, Aberdeen, had worked as an odd job man at the plant for two months.
A TRANSSEXUAL odd job man who stole pounds 12,000 in benefits while working in a string of casual jobs will be 92 when he clears his debt.