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Q: What's the oddest thing you've ever bought with a Boggs bill?
Rites of passage happen at the oddest moments in the oddest places.
SEATTLE -- PopCap Games, creators of Bejeweled, Bookworm, Zuma and other wildly popular casual computer games, today announced the release of Insaniquarium Deluxe(TM), a spectacular action-puzzle adventure set in the oddest fishtank you've ever seen.
LANCASTER - Author Bonnie Domrose Stone found the world's largest wind-energy area, the only drive-through earthquake fault and the world's oddest ``tree'' - the Joshua - in researching a guidebook to the Antelope Valley.
Appropriately, the film itself is a meditation on celebrity, as Benton and a camera crew capture people's reactions to "Britney" in the oddest of places.
Oddest of all, perhaps, is an evident affection for color schemes straight out of late Patrick Caulfield.
When you are handling millions of dollars in sales, you are always bound to get a few returns for the oddest reasons such as not being able to get the piece through the front door.
Nick Swisher chugged all the way home from first base to score the game's lone run, and the Angels were stuck with the oddest of losses, a 1-0 decision in 10 innings.
For Brad, the oddest part of this experience has been the realization that "this is my life and it's going to be entertainment for strangers.
Oddest of all, the demure mother-to-be lifts her pink silk blouse with a pink-gloved silicone hand.