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You'll see I've written that in big letters, and I tell you if ever a man deserved to have his name written in capitals Scarlett Trent does, and the oddest part of it is he knows you, and he was awfully decent to me all the time.
She could have informed you that there was such a word as "polygamy," and being also acquainted with "polysyllable," she had deduced the conclusion that "poly" mean "many"; but she had had no idea that gypsies were not well supplied with groceries, and her thoughts generally were the oddest mixture of clear-eyed acumen and blind dreams.
From the Premier League to the NBA, the Olympics, Tennis, and other events, photographers were able to capture some of the oddest moments in sports, while some are just made odd due to the timing of the shot.
Six books have been selected for the 2014 Diagram Prize for Oddest Book Title of the Year shortlist, online book news company The Bookseller announced on Friday.
Now available as a complete collection of the Reader's Digest column "My Planet" for the first time, My Planet: Finding Humor in the Oddest Places is an anthology of lighthearted, gently humorous essays by Mary Roach, well known for her accessible science writing in "Stiff, Spook, Bonk" and "Packing for Mars".
QWHAT is the oddest ever Olympic sport in the history of the modern Games?
A "kids get the oddest insecurities" lead-in would avoid laying blame but might jolt her conscience, if she did plant seeds of doubt.
AN ACCOUNT of the history of an ice cream business in Coventry has been nominated for the Oddest Book Title of the Year.
LANCASTER -- Kevin Viera says the best ideas seem to pop up at the oddest times.
The oddest conversation witnessed were Vandal Joey Escalante and Tony Hawk plotting the insertion of musical cues into video games of their choosing.
HERE'S THE oddest thing about the ongoing--never-ending may be more apt--donnybrook over immigration: Amidst all the finger pointing and fury, all the column inches and congressional speeches dedicated to hammering out the last best hope for keeping foreigners from our shores, the nativists and restrictionists forgot to document what problems immigrants actually pose to these United States.
Skyjet international the business jet charter service division of Bombardier hosted perhaps the oddest media briefing at Farnborough.