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Really, you are too archaic for words," said an Oddity in an alley-way.
It is sufficient to state, in brief, that Mr Timothy Linkinwater arrived, punctual to his appointment; that, oddity as he was, and jealous, as he was bound to be, of the proper exercise of his employers' most comprehensive liberality, he reported strongly and warmly in favour of Nicholas; and that, next day, he was appointed to the vacant stool in the counting-house of Cheeryble, Brothers, with a present salary of one hundred and twenty pounds a year.
I think he would have amused one anywhere, but the child's exquisite enjoyment of his oddity, and the relief it was to find that there was something she associated with merriment in a place that appeared so unsuited to her, were quite irresistible.
The oddity concept task is representative of what has been defined as a relative class concept as opposed to an absolute class concept (e.
Another oddity is the way the author ends his account in 1958 (actually, he includes a 30-page chapter - a postscript, as it were - on more recent developments).
He also does not establish a strong enough explanation of Christianity's role in popular politics to make his discussion of infidelism within Zetetic culture anything other than an oddity in a study of radicalism.
Worms: A Space Oddity is rated E10+ and is now available for a suggested retail price of $49.
LAST but not least is this space oddity from the original Captain Kirk.
Evidence of this is clear during the Olympic Oddity answer "It was the anatomical oddity of U.
Due to an oddity of the tax code that remained on the books since Prohibition, their hobby was technically outlawed when they began pursuing the craft.
The process may have been, as Chadwick put it, "a metaphysical conceit for the union of two people expressing themselves bodily," but the sheer formal oddity of the result transcends her idea's far-fetched wit.