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I'll say it very quick," murmured the Other Professor, with downcast eyes, and melancholy voice, which contrasted oddly with his face, as he had forgotten to leave off smiling.
He had apparently once possessed a certain knowledge of English, and his accent was oddly tinged with the cockneyism of the British metropolis.
Three were men and one a woman, and all were oddly dressed.
With an oddly compounded look of gladness, shyness, and surprise, she exclaimed--"O Mr Clare
Oddly enough, he gave her the same feeling, too, and with him, too, she felt baffled.
It would have sounded oddly to Mary, but life is gray to friendless girls, and something might have come of it.
I was thinking," he said, "how oddly things turn out.
Oddly enough, the thought uppermost in the minds of all was that he had been fighting and was going to the brook directly at the back of the store, to wash himself.
Lincolnshire mostly, but my mother's father--he, oddly enough, came from these parts round here.
Oddly Beautiful is an anthology of poetry applying a variety of free-verse styles.
Oddly Enough is the unabrdiged audiobook rendition of nine of the most beloved and widely-published of author Bruce Coville's family-friendly short stories for young adult and adult listeners alike.
ODDLY NORMAL: ONE FAMILY'S STRUGGLE TO HELP THEIR TEENAGE SON COME TO TERMS WITH HIS SEXUALITY is a pick for all kinds of collections and tells of the author's gay child and the family's stormy path.