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And oddly enough, the argument before the court of appeals was on January 4, the day I was sworn in.
Oddly enough, a few days later Black was reassigned by the department and the investigation shut down.
Oddly enough, several seemingly obvious explanations for this high-level disinclination to blog were overlooked by the nation's McPaper of McRecord.
Oddly enough, it's like asking your wife to marry you and she says, 'yes,' and you wonder, 'Oh my goodness, am I able Torraville to?
Oddly enough, we rarely think of benchmarking our management effectiveness, let alone our IT functions.
Rosebush had a prior criminal record, but oddly enough, he had never been previously convicted for home invasions.
Oddly enough, TV preacher Pat Robertson was one of the first critics to warn that this might happen.
Oddly enough, my Bible maps include Ireland and Denmark but go only as far south as Thebes and, in one insert, Ethiopia.
Oddly enough, the name of Oklahoma City's new ABA basketball team is the Ballhawgs.
Oddly enough, it's done with the Format command as a display function; and for that reason it's not the kind of data Excel can calculate.
Oddly enough, perhaps Van Peebles's son has done just that, aesthetically eschewing the poetic filmic form of his father's but nonetheless portraying him with surrealistic touches.
But oddly enough it is quite calm, as if he does his best work in the eye of a hurricane, smiling just a little at all the ruckus.