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This feeling really came home to me, oddly enough, during the screening of a film that actually was made for a planned theatrical release: The Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys, a coming-of-age snoozer produced by and starring Jodie Foster.
Style, oddly enough, was also somewhat absent from Symphonic Variations, although in the Fonteyn role, the company's new wunderkind, Alina Cojocaru, had an attractive mysteriousness, even though partnered by an inadequate and barely competent Nigel Burley.
Oddly enough, this profoundly spiritual experience happened during Advent, the time when we are to prepare for the One who is to come.
taxpayers" Oddly enough, the Administration will not tap the frozen assets of Iran and Libya, but it is using Cuba's frozen assets.
Oddly enough, the best hope for Berenson may turn out to be Peruvian President Alberto Fujimori, who condemned her on national television before her trial in 1996.
Oddly enough, having so many IVs helped me get over my fear of needles.
It is no secret that downsizing has left many African Americans in its path, but oddly enough, it has also helped redefine what the good life is.
And, oddly enough, letting the IRS enforce their vision of how Americans should live makes Republicans look like good guys, bearing gifts.
Oddly enough, the 1988 fire season, despite excessive heat and drought, saw far less destruction in Manitoba and the rest of Canada (3.
Providing customers with seamless migration paths for BI from release to release of their enterprise business applications is fundamental, but oddly enough this is not what the industry at large provides," said Noetix CEO Morris Beton.
Only in Germany, oddly enough, is it a source of controversy.
She enjoyed Money's ``Take Me Home Tonight,'' the Dionne Warwick ballad ``That's What Friends Are For,'' and, oddly enough, ``Who Let the Dogs Out?