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The team atop the coaches and writers' poll has 12/1 odds, according to the casino.
The Gordon family has even gone to the extent of establishing a contest for odd days with a prize jackpot of 791.
The odds-compiler will believe that the true odds about them losing are much, much shorter than 1-1,000, and if the odds-compiler is right they will have laid an extraordinarily valuable bet.
The odds of physical abuse were especially elevated among young women who had an abortion (2.
NADIA Odds 5-1 Desperate Dan lookalike was tipped as a winner by pal Marco and is now, amazingly, one of the favourites.
In the post-match press conference Sir Alex Ferguson was told of the Ladbrokes odds and was asked what he thought about the price on offer.
Under this partnership, Orbis OpenBet Casino and Fixed Odds Games designs and concepts will be integrated into Parlay's existing back office system.
jsp) odds on whether Kate and William's child will be a boy or girl as well as the name, hair color and weight of the royal baby.
In the total corners market, fair odds would be 9-5 for nought to nine, 11-5 for ten to 12, and 2-1 for 13-plus.
Committed to giving sports bettors improved access to professional sports betting information, World Sports Network today announces the launch of its new football betting odds comparison product.
1) Both males and females categorized as having a high level of depressive symptoms at the time of the first interview had significantly elevated odds of reporting at least one of four specified sexual risk behaviors about one year later.
The odds are you've listened to the many dubious claims made in the ``gamble'' spots, the ones warning that ``the odds are secession could mean higher taxes and cuts in vital services, fewer cops and more crime.