of great consequence

References in classic literature ?
Now, as this was a discovery of great consequence, it may be necessary to trace it from the fountain-head.
Official duties, which had always been of great consequence in Alexey Alexandrovitch's eyes, seemed of special importance to his mind at this moment.
You are a person of great consequence to me, Ned--of vast consequence indeed.
They were people of great consequence, as it seemed to Jurgis, fresh out of the woods; Ona knew how to read, and knew many other things that he did not know, and now the farm had been sold, and the whole family was adrift--all they owned in the world being about seven hundred rubles which is half as many dollars.
Nothing of great consequence ever happens in this village.
Such solutions will emerge only if the new generation of young tech innovators is encouraged and inspired to assume the civic responsibilities that come with creating changes of great consequence.
They really do not care about the accusations as they are of the belief those are just "normal behavior" of "men" and are not of great consequence.
Having welcoming places, enough time and the company of others to play with every day is of great consequence to all children and young people - as adults we need to foster environments that support this.
In fact, the last few weeks have provided Israel with a rare agreement between the prime minister's most avid supporters and his most relentless opponents: Both seem to think that whether Netanyahu survives his legal troubles or is forced out is a matter of great consequence for Israel's future.
Their roles going forward are clearly of great consequence, and it's not clear whether it'll be to Wayne's benefit anymore.
If nothing changes for the people of Bahrain, then my staying in jail or release is not of great consequence.
Countries of South Asia are playing critical roles in regional and global issues that are of great consequence to US interests.