of great consequence

References in classic literature ?
Now, as this was a discovery of great consequence, it may be necessary to trace it from the fountain-head.
You are a person of great consequence to me, Ned--of vast consequence indeed.
This timing is of extreme importance for the party which enjoys wide popularity and many supporters who are of great consequence.
This is of great consequence, because conditions in the camps -- unsafe health conditions and incomplete infrastructure, coupled with overcrowding and a lack of necessary medical services -- facilitate the spread of disease," Bizri told The Daily Star in an interview.
These facts and figures would be of great consequence to the work of KISR, he said.
The development was of great consequence, especially for a village like Tilonia, where electricity was limited to just a few houses.
Uprooting ethnic nationalities from their historic homelands was never considered an event of great consequence.
These decisions are part of a public debate of great consequence.
You know, this is an election of great consequence, and I think you understand that," Romney said.
The lady had a tough time making decisions of great consequence, like choosing between the clutch bag at 25 per cent off or the sling bag at just 10pc off.
232; ISBN: 978-1-60911-458-9), author Doris Green enriches us with a biography of great consequence.
CONDITIONS "That's really not of great consequence to us.