of less importance

See: inferior
References in classic literature ?
There are other considerations, of less importance, perhaps, but which are not unworthy of notice.
At Brighton she will be of less importance even as a common flirt than she has been here.
Though I loved my friends, their fate seemed of less importance to me than the fate of this little barbarian stranger for whom, I had convinced myself many a time, I felt no greater sentiment than passing friendship for a fellow-wayfarer in this land of horrors.
Behind these courtiers were others of less importance, filling the great hall to the very doors.
the work includes regular interventions, rehabilitation, reconstruction or improvement of less importance or major repairs on local roads, emergency interventions to be performed on local roads as and when required.
PETROUS A Coastal bird B Of less importance C Stony who am I?
I am a bit puzzled by this latter comment, for I thought social status was becoming of less importance as the years roll by.
Before Echem began operating in 2002, this sector used to be of less importance and part of EGPC's domain.
The Mojahedin described the facility as a "nuclear site," but gave no other description as to whether it might be another enrichment plant, which would be very important, or perhaps a repository for nuclear waste, which would be of less importance.
Instead cheap coal is imported from countries where working conditions and safety are of less importance.
At the same time, seeking acquisitions and international expansion are both of less importance this year, reflective of the unavailability of funding.
Meanwhile, 57% of building professionals responded that green building materials are more important than five years ago, 29% said they were of the same importance and 14% said green building materials were of less importance than five years ago.