of service

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It is the utmost degree of service that the telephone has been required to give in any city.
The period of service, ought, therefore, in all such cases, to bear some proportion to the extent of practical knowledge requisite to the due performance of the service.
But with all these abatements, the business of federal legislation must continue so far to exceed, both in novelty and difficulty, the legislative business of a single State, as to justify the longer period of service assigned to those who are to transact it.
Grimaud had, indeed, during twenty-two years of service, seen his master extricate himself from so many difficulties that nothing less than Athos's imminent death was likely to make him uneasy.
There is also extensive discussion about the importance of service learning as it relates to student learning (Kamuche, 2005a, 2005b; Kamuche and Ledman, 2005).
But such jobs form the minority of service employment: even in the United States, widely thought to have too many of them, they represent only 22 percent of the huge range of total service employment.
The focus of the special rule is on "personal" services and not on other type of service, such as a service that may include the use of tangible or intangible personal property.
SSH's mission is to lower the cost of doing business in the healthcare industry while providing members with an exceptional level of service.
This article, however, focuses on a high-level discussion of service quality and outcomes assessment in the networked environment.
There are four distinct levels of service within the co-location industry.
Two a priori assumptions herein, are that (a) consumers should be involved in all aspects of service planning, and (b) an initial step for researchers is to develop better measures of determining consumers' perceptions of services, planning, and evaluation of impact.
Similarly, the structure of service delivery often fails to allow choice and control for older persons who use long-term services.