of small value

See: paltry
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Invitation to tender: Is Conducted Open Public Procurement Procedure Of Small Value With A View To Concluding A Framework Agreement For The Supply Of Goods With A Single Economic Operator For A Period Of 2 (Two) Years, In Accordance With The Terms And Conditions Of The Tender Documents
The Council also stressed the importance of the development of small value payment systems as an important means to promote financial inclusion.
You robbed me of many things that will be of small value to you when they are pawned, but are of great sentimental value to my family and me.
This often leads to an initial quotation of small value which increases dramatically as the job goes on.
Their first jewelry collection, which they called "Coined," featured old Lebanese coins of small value that are rarely used these days.
Mr Saunders said: "He went into a bar in the east end of Newcastle and bought 17 of these notes for pounds 70 and took them to shops and bought items of small value and used the cash to buy drugs.
The combination of the 600mA DC-to-DC plus 300mA linear regulator permits the use of small value inductors and capacitors that reduce board space, support continuous load currents up to 600mA, and achieve more than 90 percent efficiency.
It is of small value as there are many still about, around pounds 20-30.
As I saw that they were very friendly to us, and perceived that they could be much more easily converted to our holy faith by gentle means than by force, I presented them with some red caps, and strings of beads to wear upon the neck, and many other trifles of small value, wherewith they were much delighted, and became wonderfully attached to us.
The most popular type of small value (under $25) debit purchase is movie tickets (24 percent), followed by fast food (20 percent), pay phone calls (19 percent), public transit (18 percent), parking meters (16 percent), vending machines (13 percent) and laundromats (13 percent).
conducted an open public procurement procedure of small value with a view to agreement on procurement services, and regular annual technical inspection of vehicles.