of uncertain significance

See: equivocal
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The influence of BRCA variants of uncertain significance in cancer risk management decision-making
A variant of uncertain significance means that a genetic change has been identified, but more information is needed to determine if the change can cause health problems or if the change is a normal variation.
At this time she is considered to have a monoclonal B cell lymphocytosis with the immunophenotype of chronic lymphocytic leukemia/lymphoma and a plasma cell dyscrasia that may represent monoclonal gammopathy of uncertain significance.
Hysteroscopy also found one or more "subtle" abnormalities in 13% of the examined women, a category for abnormalities of uncertain significance that included hypervascularization of the uterus (20 women) and mucosal elevation (13 women).
A variant that has been identified in a patient but not previously known to cause the disease in question is termed a variant of uncertain significance (VUS).
RESULTS: We identified 19 protein-truncating mutations, 3 in-frame deletions and 69 missense variants of uncertain significance (UV) in our sample set.
According to the results shown, different types of variations in the genes under study have been found, including pathological ones, neutral ones and those of uncertain significance.
Apart from the selection bias inherent in the exclusion of 90% of cases of monoclonal gammopathy of uncertain significance (MGUS), we would like to address some aspects that, in our opinion, may enhance understanding of the role of various diagnostic strategies to detect monoclonal gammopathies in routine laboratories.
Monoclonal gammapathy of uncertain significance in rheumatic disease.
And even that effect, if real, is of uncertain significance.
The paper, entitled "Functional assays for classification of BRCA2 variants of uncertain significance," is published today in both the online edition and print version of the bimonthly research journal Cancer Research.