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And if a dependent or guest uses marijuana off base and then comes on base, is that OK?
The Basic Rider Course (BRC) is a three day course required for all military service members riding a motorcycle on or off base.
The ACC supplement to AFI 91-207 has identified the requirement for one-on-one briefing from the unit commander as being mandatory before military motorcyclists can ride on or off base.
First, we identified our target markets and those that we wanted to build relationships with: local Japanese police departments, the Military Family Housing office, newly arriving naval personnel and their families and those families already living off base.
I wasn't worried about that, just keeping guys off base was my big thing.
He was perfectly in line with Rudolf Diesel's thinking, but slightly off base by a hundred odd years.
At the time of the "Mutiny at Freeman Field," my mother and I (born in November 1944) were living off base.
New research from the University of Maryland shows that this metaphor might be off base.
for not ratifying the Kyoto Treaty, is also way off base.
Clearly, the audit supervisor's answer appears to be off base.