off guard

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The theories fall into two categories: the attack was a brilliant piece of offensive planning complemented by a fair share of luck and unprepared American forces; or the current thinking which says that although caught off guard, the Americans had ample warnings right up until the first Japanese bomb hit its target just before 0800 but ignored the signals and suffered the consequences.
If I am embarrassed or caught off guard by the misinformation others receive of me, what about the pleas for help by those who truly face "unclean" situations, pleas that seem to fall on deaf ears?
And then there is his androgynous physical appearance, which can easily catch one off guard.
THE Queen was caught off guard yesterday engaged in a distinctly unladylike activity.
She does this, first, by catching us off guard with her opening simile: "He is there, like Clouseau.
Every so often, as in 1957 and 1968, a flu virus takes a sharp genetic turn, catching even healthy immune systems off guard and causing widespread infection and death.
It shows how revenue procedure 94-34 caught even people in the IRS off guard.
GAM leader Nineth de Garcia led a knot of protesters toward the main gate, and the soldiers, caught off guard, panicked.
The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has issued an investor alert regarding these mini-tender offers, noting that in making the offers at below-market prices "bidders are hoping that they will catch investors off guard if the investors do not compare the offer price to the current market price.
That move took on greater magnitude as Congress created a special committee to investigate why Hurricane Katrina caught the government off guard.