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At the end of the Sonepur innings, the scoreboard read 11, but none was scored off the bat.
It seemed wrong to do so right off the bat, as in, "Hi, I'm Liza, and I'm not a lesbian.
So for a ten-welder job, a savings of $5,000 is realized right off the bat.
Right off the bat, Jeremy is immersed in celebrity, controversy and even romance.
Jaques had 11 fours and four sixes in his immaculate century which came off 134 balls and when he reached three figures at 134-2 only 23 had been scored off the bat at the other end.
45) that a line drive off the bat will arrive at a base runner 10 feet off third base (assuming the planes are identical).
So right off the bat, we narrowed the choices down to setting up the credit union," Eggleston says.
To provide industry suppliers with an affordable means to promote their equipment, products and services to key industry decision makers, advertisements were first accepted in May 1945--and attracted 50 full pages of ads right off the bat.