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In Off the Cuff & Over the Collar, McCarthy's approach to all things Catholic offers support for our pope's new image of Catholicism.
To obtain Off the Cuff tickets, at pounds 6, for adults pounds 4 all concessions, email info@firstactworkshops.
I was speaking off the cuff and if I offended anyone of course I am very sorry about that.
Morton Stanley, of Off the Cuff outfitters, Wrexham, is expert at ensuring male members of the party look dashing.
Kornheiser said he actually got a call from the quick-witted comedian a few months back, advising him not to be too scripted and talk more off the cuff -- something that Miller, who now says he felt was in a no-win situation, couldn't quite pull off when he tried to telestrate more Xs and Os and deliver arcane references.
When a band flies off the cuff and whacks your poker face, to me that is the most thrilling aspect.
Don't count on your ability speak off the cuff (extemporaneously), and don't settle for one draft of writing.
Before the advent of frozen sperm, the whole awkward affair took place off the cuff in the clinic.
Here, as in the past, Wilcox utilizes a variety of source images, pilfering television, cinema, and still photography as well as staging elaborate reenactments and shooting off the cuff.
Among the episodes are: If the Shoe Fits (Shoes); A Head for Fashion (Hats); Breaking the Rules (Sportswear); Out of the Rain (Raincoats); The Cat's Pajamas (Pajamas); Bib and Bonnet Beauties (Children) and Off the Cuff (Men's Fashions).