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In the Summer X Games, competitors can choose to ride from the MegaRamp's two starting points: One is 19 meters (65 feet) off the ground, and the other towers at 24 m (80 ft).
If such desperate measures are the only way backers of the trams can get the project off the ground, it might be better if they scrapped it altogether.
The pounds 734,000 scheme was funded by CV One, Coventry City Council and the European Regional Development Fund to help young entrepreneurs in the city to get their ideas off the ground
I got on a ride at the fair that was off the ground and as soon as it started it all came back to me.
Larson suspended Ochocasa 10 feet off the ground by hanging it from a compression ring with stainless steel cabling, and the platform was surrounded by stainless steel mesh.
But if what you want is the look of terror on the face of someone who is afraid of heights, for instance, well, you can get that look whether they are 10 feet off the ground or a 100 feet off the ground.
The general partner of Sequoia Capital, located in California's Silicon Valley, helped get Yahoo and Google off the ground.
A logo and Web site will soon follow as the public-private partnership seeks to secure government funding to get some area projects off the ground.
Our involvement allowed the project off the ground and turn the asset into a economically viable and successful venture.
It could never get off the ground if it had to start in the condition it is in now.
Little Owlie's wings no longer work, and he has to use a wheelchair now, but he can still do lots of things--like paint while holding a paintbrush in his beak, or use his computer with voice commands, travel through the Jingle Jangle Jungle in his wheelchair and visit his friends, fly his kite with a little help to get it off the ground, and more.