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In addition to running the youth theatre, Off the Ground also works with schools, community groups and theatre companies throughout the North West, North Wales and the Republic of Ireland, and has also managed performance projects in Spain, Greece, Italy and Ireland as well as devising and holding workshops here and abroad.
When they were all on board I pulled the Chinook to the max and started to pull off the ground over the fields.
We grabbed one and it swung around and lifted Isaac, my larger colleague, off the ground," the Daily Telegraph quoted him as saying.
This has been a community effort with everyone playing their part, residents, officers and politicians of all parties coming together to get this scheme off the ground and finished on time and on budget.
New research suggests that those electric fields help the whirlwind lift material off the ground, enabling dust devils to pump enough dust into Earth's atmosphere to possibly affect climate (SN: 9/29/01, p.
When he leans his weight on his toes, that side of his board pushes into the snow, while the edge of the board beneath his heels pops off the ground.
The deputy was getting into his vehicle when he heard a pop and saw a bullet ricochet off the ground.
On this remote forested site in Sejs, north Denmark, Thurlbourne lifted the building off the ground to allow visitors to register the fall of the existing ground.
IT IS sad that the only way the Merseytram project seems to be able to get off the ground is through using someone's private money.
The Business Vitality Programme, which aims to help new independent business ventures get off the ground, has created 18 new businesses since being launched 20 months ago.
I particularly hate rides at fairs that are off the ground.
The finished product, which sits about five and a half feet off the ground, sports a slide, monkey bars, a deck, a sandbox, and two swings.