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The winning rider, who moves from Ron Hodges to Mark Usher on Monday, was riding her eighth winner of the season and said: "I had my first ride on her at Brighton, almost on the off-chance, and we won that day and then at Brighton again, at Beverley and then Doncaster.
I've found myself scouring the papers just on the off-chance that the theatre has burned down.
Still, there is the off-chance that a few things could go right.
Or, what if you just don't want high doses of vitamins on the off-chance that they may turn out to be harmful?
And on the off-chance he wins in November--he's currently around 30 percent in the polls and climbing--he's pledged to put libertarians in high places.
I always thought if I met him in a lift I'd flirt outrageously then burst into three verses and a chorus of Wind Beneath My Wings on the off-chance that he happened to be looking for an overweight, middle-aged maw with the vocal abilities of a chain-smoking Smurf.