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Visual off-color was apparent in all meat products containing CGM-based substances.
The ballet is full of characters, most a little off-color, and it is a tribute to the choreographer's genius that he can individualize so many of them.
One author quotes some off-color jokes Woods told during a photo shoot in a studio.
Gypsy moths can attack bur oak; oak lacebug can turn the leaves off-color, causing long-term stress that heavily defoliates bur oaks in shelterbelt plantings, especially during dry weather.
As a reward to the faithful after many serious Lenten homilies, the priest would insert funny stories, poems, and even off-color jokes into his sermon and would draw moral conclusions from them.
And while one off-color joke is not sexual harassment, Schlissel asserted, "a manager has to be very aware that if someone voices an objection, then you have to pay attention.
Thompson, 34, says he ended his surfing career two years ago because of too many nagging questions, innuendos, and off-color remarks regarding his homosexuality.
She and her colleagues have determined two causes of this off-color.
A lot of the band's music is like that, especially the wickedly off-color "Dave" and the raw, rocked-out "Hey Eisenhower.
I would agree that in many instances in everyday life it is legitimate, necessary, and right to eschew the slang, the colorful and off-color remarks, the "common talk.
As a legal matter, harassment is considered a form of discrimination, which means that in Cleveland from now on those off-color cartoons and ethnic jokes are going to be possible grist for the prosecutor, and plaintiffs lawyers will be using threats of referral to the district attorney as a club in settlement demands.