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The New York Times ranked Morningjoe as one of the top morning news shows and praised Scarborough and his co-host Mika Brzezinski's natural repartee and off-the-cuff commentary.
His off-the-cuff remarks were reported by Vatican Radio.
It was a private conversation on a website and it was an off-the-cuff comment.
There have been lots of articles comparing v a r i o u s smartphone LCD and OLED displays and technologies, but almost all simply deliver imprecise off-the-cuff remarks like "the display is gorgeous" with very little in the way of serious attempts at objective or accurate display performance evaluations and comparisonsand many just restate manufacturer claims and provide inaccurate information, performance evaluations and conclusions.
OFF-THE-CUFF comedy show Instant Wit, being performed in Bulkington, will draw on the audience for its hilarious content.
It was an off-the-cuff suggestion, but the IFA are - determined to leave no stone unturned to aid their manager.
And it's not because they're still mad about the off-the-cuff remark Natalie Maines made about President Bush on a London stage early in the Iraq war -- the launching pad for the new documentary ``Shut Up & Sing'' opening nationwide Friday.
Lippert latched onto that point, recalling how an off-the-cuff, complex working arrangement with FEMA, devised within days of Katrina's catastrophic landfall, still managed to deliver $409 million worth of supplies to the devastated Gulf Coast.
It's a reference to the Democratic Convention of 1948, when Harry Truman gave a feisty off-the-cuff speech in which he promised to call legislators back to Washington on "the 26th of July, which out in Missouri we call Turnip Day.
By now you've guessed the end of the story: Rivera was indeed named the group's 19th national Superintendent of the Year, his off-the-cuff speech was well received, and the only flaw anyone seemed to find in him was why he thought he did so poorly in the first place.
They are consistently brilliant, with their finely-honed links, off-the-cuff banter and jokes about playing golf and eating gourmet meals while the campers survive on a handful of rice.
The luncheon will feature the premiere of a new format, an off-the-cuff, candid conversation conducted by a well known real estate media personage with an industry superstar.