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offend might wife, that's of people of it George Mair " He added: "People often stop committing crime because they are afraid o getting caught, rather than afraid of the punishment.
It should be stressed, however, that there is very little evidence to support the assumption that most adolescents who offend sexually actually have deviant sexual interests.
You only need the right to free speech when you want to offend people.
Freedom of expression - including the right to offend - is therefore not just an important liberty; it is the very foundation of liberty.
Wright, Piazza, and Laux, in their article titled "The Utility of the SASSI-3 in Early Detection of Substance Use Disorders in Not Guilty by Reason of Insanity Acquittees: An Exploratory Study," note this disparity of research, particularly with those clients who offend, abuse substances, and have a psychiatric disorder.
The Red Cross has banned Christmas decorations in their shops - in case it offends people of other faiths.
If you participate in dance competitions and take the chance of choosing the Madonna song for the 8-year-old, and you offend the judges, are you doing justice to your dancer?
CATHOLIC, PROTESTANT, and all three income levels are statistically significant and negative in sign, suggesting that financial incentives would be less likely to offend members of these religious groups and higher income earners, respectively.
foreign policy because (a) the government objected to the paper (b) the teacher changed his mind about her grade (e) papers were to be publicly displayed and it was feared the essay would offend people (d) school rules prohibited criticism of the U.
We asked young people, their whanau, and those who work with them about the factors that lead young Maori to offend.
While it is possible attendance at Ilderton might sway a court to impose a lower sentence, it is far more likely that the Ilderton group, when they do offend, commit less serious offences.
At the height of the expenses scandal in 2009 - in which MPs managed to offend pretty much everyone in the UK with their dodgy claims - a cab driver told me that he was buying the paper every day to devour the latest revelations, and that he was "addicted to indignation".