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Table 6--Offenses, Victim Type, by Offense Type, 2012
The Clearances section of this report provides more information about the criteria used to clear an offense for UCR purposes and an overview of clearance data for 2012.
an offense arising under the general article may, depending upon the facts of the case, stand either as a greater or lesser offense of an offense arising under an enumerated article.
They cited 76 people for misdemeanor fireworks possession and related offenses.
How all the players are grouped together via a color pattern--Black, Blue, Green, White, Orange, Red, Gray, plus two offenses: Coming from Behind and the I Formation in the Multiple Offense.
Furthermore, The Sabanes-Oxley Act makes it a criminal offense to destroy documents even in "anticipation of an investigation.
Yet the principle underlying the Double Jeopardy Clause is that it's unfair to be punished twice for the same offense or to be prosecuted a second time because the government didn't like the result of the first trial.
Violent offenses include murder, manslaughter, rape, robbery, assault, and other aggressive crimes.
Preliminary figures for 2001, excluding the data mentioned above, suggest that the volume of violent crime offenses remained relatively unchanged--a .
43) Status offense charges served not only as a legal justification to apprehend runaways and to discipline boys who refused to go to school, but also to give the police a means to impose an informal curfew.
The individuals convicted of offenses, whether they are mentally retarded or not, often had serious behavior problems during childhood, the researchers note.
In the lawsuit, AMFA requests the court to issue a permanent injunction to prevent NWA from using or retaining any CHRC information from AMFA-represented employees which exceeds the 10-year/28 offense requirement or applies to personnel who do not require SIDA access.