offer an explanation

See: explain
References in classic literature ?
It seemed to offer an explanation of much that troubled him.
But having made a few trips to Afghanistan and stayed in the giant Camp Bastion I might offer an explanation.
Eisteddfod officials could not offer an explanation either but the artist said he had invited friends to the caravan "to create" during the festival.
The Bulgarian citizen, who was returned from Greece in the beginning of August in a state of extreme starvation and exhaustion, has finally been able to offer an explanation.
I do not believe in UFOs but I could not offer an explanation.
So if somebody can offer an explanation about this wastage of electricity, it would be highly appreciated.
CAN any reader offer an explanation for the mysterious objects seen above Manor Way (A470) between 10.
I wonder if Stagecoach could offer an explanation as to why they have seen fit to financially burden those of us with young children?
Even her Parliamentary aide, Huw Irranca-Davies, last night suggested she should offer an explanation in the House.
Lopez said police had yet to come to her to offer an explanation, but added that even if they did, she would no longer accept it.
While they didn't offer an explanation for the dismissal, the regents did say the action was taken "with cause," a sure sign they do not want to pay Dobelle a $2 million severance package.
Stengers and Van Neck offer an explanation that the process, itself, took over.